ALERT: Double-Check Your Approval Notice! - (02-28-14)

Petitioners have recently received approval notices in which the classification period does not match what was requested on the I-129. For this reason, petitioners are urged to check the I-797 right away. If the mistake is the result of a data entry error, contact USCIS to request a correction, but in the event the service center has purposely truncated the period to reflect dates from the itinerary or contract, you will need to notify your foreign guest artists and instruct them to request up to ten extra days of validity from U.S. Customs & Border Protection upon entry to the U.S. The extra days can be added before and/or after the classification period on the visa, but remember that there is only one opportunity to request this and the dates reflected in the I-94 will be final and unchangeable. Also remember that no work will be permitted during those extra days.