When Filing, Remember to Send Duplicate Copy! - (05-01-14)

When filing an I-129 petition to the California or Vermont Service Centers, petitioners should remember to include a complete duplicate copy of the petition. Your duplicate copy should have a cover sheet that reads “DUPLICATE I-129 PETITION.  PLEASE FORWARD TO KCC UPON APPROVAL.” Also remember that if responding to a Request for Evidence (RFE), you must submit any new information in duplicate as well, including copies of the RFE notice issued to you by the service center.

When USCIS approves an I-129 petition, a copy of the approval and the duplicate petition is forwarded to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), which uploads both items into the Petition Information Management System (PIMS). This enables consular officers to access approval and petition information when conducting visa interviews abroad. If the approval information is not in PIMS at the time of the interview, the consular post will contact KCC directly to update PIMS and this can result in an additional two to three day delay.

Give the petition a close review for errors or omissions, and review our general guidance for filing. As always, plan to file your petitions as early as possible in order to absorb any unexpected delays in processing.