New Premium Processing Form I-907: Start Using TODAY - (05/05/15)

Attention petitioners! In addition to the new form I-129 now in exclusive use for O or P visas, and new form I-539 to extend or change nonimmigrant status, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has also released an updated version of the form I-907, which is used to expedite petitions via the Premium Processing Service. USCIS will accept only the new version (edition date: 01/29/15) of Form I-907, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker beginning this June 1, 2015. Verify the edition date of the form at the bottom of each page of the I-907 and be sure to switch today, since any petition submitted on or after June 1 must use this newest version or USCIS will reject it. View our updated sample of the I-907, and make note of the following details:

If your mailing address is different from your physical address, both need to be noted in the appropriate places in Part 1 (mailing address in Question 4, then if the physical address is different, check Yes for Question 5 and complete Question 6). In Part 1, Question 7, be sure to check the appropriate box – in most cases, unless an attorney is completing the petition on your behalf, you will be the petitioner requesting PPS, and thus you would check the first box. You will enter essentially the same information in Part 2, Question 4 and 6.

Be sure to print out and submit all 6 pages of the new I-907, but you can leave the fields for Part 4 and 5 blank if you did not require the services of an interpreter or preparer.